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Claims Process Our web-based streamlined process in handling claims is designed to provide the client and the insured, with the best possible service during the loss. Our claims process can be designed to fit each clientís individual needs.
  1. Receipt of Assignment - When your assignment is received, Integrity will acknowledge the assignment with the assigned adjusters contact information provided to the client. Integrityís home office will immediately, upon receipt of the claim, send a welcome letter to the insured notifying them of the adjusters contact information. All adjusters are required to make an attempt to contact the insured within 24 hours of receipt of the claim.

  2. Inspection - Adjusters are required to make inspection of the property within 72 hours of receipt of the claim.

  3. Quality Control - Adjusters submit all claims to the home office to go through quality control within 8 days of assignment.

  4. Return of Assignment - The completed claim or valid status is submitted back to the client within 10 days of assignment.

  5. Follow up - If any changes are requested by the insurer, we guarantee a fast and accurate correction within 24-48 hours.
*Claims can be sent via email or fax.